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23 July   


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Vijay Sir has been teaching UPSC aspirants Since 1987 in patna and Since 2015 in Delhi. He has a passion of teaching and has guided more than 1000 students to qualify in IAS, IPS, IRS and State PCS Services in his long teaching career.

Vijay Sir revised his first book " Social and Physical ANTHROPOLOGY " and the revised edition is very comprehensive to serve the need of aspirants.

Vijay Sir has also written a book on the second paper entitled Indian ANTHROPOLOGY in which XAXA report 2014 materials have been finely integrated to enable students to secure high marks.

Sir class notes plus books are complementary and make anthropology preparation almost complete.

His Teaching Methodology

His Teaching Methodology

Comprehensive coverage of the Syllabus, teaching in simple language in logical and precise manner with examples and up- to- date facts from anthropological journals such us MAN IN INDIA, Journal of “THE EASTERN ANTHROPOLOGY”, MAN AND LIFE”, etc. Facilitating students to get insight of the linkage between First paper and Second paper topics.

Personal Mentorship

Focus is on application-oriented teaching showing how social and cultural anthropology are useful in solving social problems of India, even in the case of Physical anthropology instead of specialized discussion ,focus is on practical application of Physical anthropology to solve human problems.

24/7 Support Chat

Anthropology subject wise groups on Telegram channel with experts who would give instant replies to the query raised.

Anthropology Syllabus

Anthropology Paper I – social part.

In social part general introduction of Anthropology, scope, branches, group, culture, marriage, family, kinship, Economic Anthropology, Political Anthropology, Religion, Fieldwork, and Anthropological thought are taught. Course completion time: 1 month.

Anthropology Paper I – Physical and Pre-history part.

In this section Evolution, Primate, Fossil, Genetic, Race, Human growth etc. are taught. Related topics spread across Paper I and Paper II are taught together to help the students develop a holistic view and understand the linkage between Paper I and Paper II. For e.g. fossil-man (topic 1.6 in the syllabus) in the first paper and topic 1.2 in the second paper are taught together. Pre-history/archaeology (topic 1.8 in the syllabus) in the first paper and topic 1.1 in the second paper are taught together. Course completion time: 1 month.

Anthropology Paper II

Most of the topics of Paper II – contribution of Anthropologists, their concept are taught in a lucid and interesting manner. Some of the topics such as impact of Buddhism, Jainism, Islam, Christianity on Indian society and tribal society, characteristic, problem and changes in tribal and caste society etc. resemble G.S. paper. However, these topics are taught with an Anthropological orientation. Course completion time: 1 month.

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Material provided / Book

Material provided / Book

  • Social & Physical Anthropology for 1st paper
  • Indian Anthropology for 2nd paper
  • Gist of anthropology from FAMOUS BOOK EMBER & EMBER

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